Anti-Aging Serum

$ 45.00


Mystic Roots Creations Anti-Aging Serum 2 oz

The incredible serum prevents and eliminates wrinkles, firms and brightens the skin, protects skin from further damage, soothes redness and irritation, fades dark spots and scars, moisturizes, speeds up healing and cleanses the skin.

Organic ingredients and some of the incredible benefits for your skin:

Neroli – If you have heard about Orange Blossom, then you also know that is it an effective solution against aging and wrinkles.

What you don’t know is that Orange Blossom is Neroli oil. Neroli oil makes it all happen by keeping the skin moisturized and elastic. Neroli oil is also rich in vitamin C (perhaps the reason for the name Orange Blossom) that repairs the skin and keeps it bright.

Vitamin C is a precursor in the collagen production process, and its presence in neroli oil means that neroli oil prevents wrinkle formation by boosting production of collagen.

Rose Geranium – Reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin.  Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and speeds up healing process of cuts and wounds.  Increases blood circulation and is a natural deodorant. Treats acne, dermatitis, and skin diseases.

Sandalwood  – Sandalwood essential oil works as a skin moisturizer, and it lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

It promotes the formation of new cells. Sandalwood essential oil is rich in sesquiterpene compounds that increase blood circulation keeping cells healthy thereby giving the skin a smooth and a supple look. Its antiseptic and antiviral properties heal wounds quickly, protects from infections and can neutralize or diminish scars.

Helichrysum – Contains anti-microbial, anti-biotic and regenerative compounds that promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. It also helps speed up healing of wounds, burns, and rashes and reduces scarring.  Helichrysum helps smooth both skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and its emollient properties help keep skin hydrated.

Carrot Seed oil  – has shown an SPF between 30-40 and thus is a valuable ingredient in natural sunblocks and sunscreens and highly valued for skin care. It is used to nourish, tighten, revitalize, and rejuvenate skin. It visibly improves skin tone, elasticity, and general skin health. It is claimed to slow the progression of visible wrinkles. Carrot Seed Oil is calming and appropriate for irritated skin. It is a good, essential oil for anyone who spends time outdoors. Carrot seed oil boasts of high concentrations of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, and E. These minerals and their nutrients rejuvenate cells stimulating cellular growth.

Ylang Ylang – Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that could help aid skin renewal. Specifically, ylang-ylang was shown to help rebuild the skin’s proteins and fats while reducing the number of free radicals.

Lemon –  This oil benefits the skin by reducing acne, nourishing damaged skin and hydrating the skin. Lab studies show that lemon oil is able to reduce cell and tissue damage in the skin that’s caused by free radicals. This is due to lemon oil’s strong antioxidant activity and anti-aging effects. Lemon essential oil is also effective against skin issues like blisters, insect bites, greasy and oily conditions, cuts, wounds, cellulite, rosacea, and viral infections of the skin like cold sores and warts. This is because of lemon oil’s antimicrobial compounds that work to treat dermatological conditions naturally.

Frankincense Essential Oil – This extraordinary oil has immense benefits to your skin. It helps in getting rid or wrinkles or slowing down their appearance by promoting healthy cellular regeneration and keeping the existing cells healthy. Frankincense oil also improves the skin’s tone and reduces the appearance of scars. It also eliminates sun spots, tightens the skin and gets rid of micro-wrinkles.

Bergamot – Aids in keeping the skin youthful, heal scars and other marks on the skin. It also makes the distribution of pigments and melanin uniform, resulting in the fading away of marks and an even, attractive skin tone.Used to eliminate the unsightly effects of acne, which can leave noticeable scars on the affected areas for many years.

Argan oil – This oil is made from the kernels that grow on the argan trees native to Morocco. Argan oil has long been used as an anti-aging treatment because it will increase elasticity of the skin.  The oil protects the skin from sun damage and is very moisturizing.  It treats a number of skin conditions like acne and promotes a smoother calmer complexion. Argan oil has both antibacterial and fungicidal properties. which gives it the capability to help treat and prevent both bacterial and fungal skin infections. The strong combination of antioxidants and vitamin E found in argan oil can be used to help wounds and cuts heal faster. Atopic dermatitis is a common skin condition with symptoms like itchy, red skin. Research has found that applying argan oil topically to the affected area can help treat symptoms. Vitamin E and the natural inflammatory properties found in argan oil can both lead to this soothing effect.

Rosehip oil – Diminishes wrinkles thanks to its high concentration of essential fatty acids and beta carotenes. Wrinkles can appear when the subcutaneous layer becomes thin. Rosehip seed oil adds these oils keeping the skin firm and supple. It also moisturizes the skin, heals broken capillaries, and reduces inflammation or reddening. This oil is also rich in antioxidants protecting collagen breakdown and cellular oxidation. These functions promote healthy cells and healthy-looking skin.

It also reduces scarring and tones the skin.