CBD Organic RAW Honey 500mg total Full Spectrum CBD/CBG/CBN/CBC

$ 65.00


Superior Root 500mg total Full Spectrum CBD/CBG/CBC/CBN HEMP Honey🍯

FROM Organic 🏵Wildflowers.

Made in Oregon with Organic, Local Central Oregon HEMP derived flowers and Bees!

FOR: 🔥Pain




💫Internal Health

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– ⭐️ Why take Honey over Oil? Because CBD is more Bioavailable in HONEY!

⭐️What does this mean? : When CBD is in an Oil, the mg you see on the la 🍯Honey is an excellent driver and provides superior bioavailability as it coats the receptors in the mouth and throat increasing absorption before entering the gastrointestinal tract.

⏩Absorption rates vary from person to person, but Generally, we have noticed absorption in as little as 15 minutes and sometimes a little longer. Honey has been used for centuries as a sweetener and antibacterial ingredient, and it is currently used in everything from teas to facial masks. When honey is combined with CBD extract, its antibacterial and analgesic properties are increased. Because it can be mixed so easily into honey, CBD can be easily consumed in everything from teas to toast to sweet treats, and people will be helping their bodies feel better every time they choose to indulge. Superior Root 500mg/1000mg Organic

Full Spectrum Honey from Oregon Organic Wildflowers and Organic Sour Space Queen Hemp Flower extract. ✔️About 48 servings (Each 4oz jar)


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