Organic Dog Sunscreen

$ 15.00


Mystic Roots Creations Dog Sunscreen has many benefits!  It will help protect your dogs skin from the harmful rays of the sun and heal sunburned and damaged skin.

Made with the amazing oils of Carrot Seed and Red Raspberry seed oil which are known to have high SPF factors.

To use:

Apply liberally to all exposed areas 15 minutes before sun exposure and every one/two hours after.

Apply directly after swimming.


Red Raspberry Seed Oil (28-50 SPF)

Carrot Seed Oil (30-40 SPF)

Coconut Oil (4-10 SPF)

Sweet Almond Oil (4 SPF)

Shea Butter (6-10 SPF)

Vitamin E



Red Raspberry Seed Oil has shown an SPF of between 28-50 and thus is a valuable ingredient in natural sunblocks and sunscreens. It is extraordinarily high in Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, a superb anti-oxidant and contains 83% essential fatty acids. Its high level of Vitamin E is known to be give it an important role in skin repair and conditioning. This oil is emollient, lubricating, conditioning, creates a lipid barrier providing protection to the skin and provides moisture retention for the skin. It has a long shelf life because of its high phospholipid content, and may increase the stability of other carrier oils when blended with them.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is an oil for the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, with moderate antibacterial effects. This oil is good for dry, flaky, sensitive skin which is prone to infection. It can also rejuvenate and stimulate tissue regeneration, so it is a good oil to use for scar healing.

***NOTE: This oil should NOT be used with pregnant dogs.***

Coconut Oil is know to have an SPF of about 4 SPF.  It has several benefits for your dog, here are just a few of them. Coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, protects your dog from illness, and speeds healing. As a bonus, coconut oil can improve dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion, and reduces allergic reactions.

Shea Butter is a natural sun protectant and moisturizes and conditions dogs fur to maintain and boost shine. Shea butter contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids. Shea butter soothes, softens, and hydrates skin.

Beeswax effectively softens your skin and creates a long-lasting protective coating against damaging environmental factors, without clogging pores. It is a naturally nourishing moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant. It contains some vitamin A, which is necessary for normal cell development.

Vitamin E is very helpful for skin disorders, as well as skin repair. It assists in various kinds of cellular restoration from sun damage to healing support for scars or burns. It has moisturizing and healing benefits and helps to strengthen skin barrier function.