Honey Smoked Steelhead

$ 50.00


Mouthwatering, moist and with no bones, our Smoked Steelhead will add a wonderful touch to your family gathering, tailgate or make a memorable gift.

Having a deep respect for nature, Dan’s Smoked Steelhead is 100% non-GMO and aqua culture raised in the beautiful state of Washington. No growth hormones or steroids!

With aqua culture raised salmon we are able to monitor their pens closely and transport into cleaner waters when necessary and continually relocate after use to allow ecosystems to return to their natural state. Therefor having control of a greater level of commitment to our customers.

At Dan’s Smoked Steelhead we feed our fish a premium diet of 100% quality natural feed, giving us an affordable consistent and healthy product all year long.

by Dans Smoked Salmon