Tendril Pea Shoots Microgreens (2oz)

$ 7.00


A delightful blend of sweet flavor and powerful health benefits. Not only do these curly, vibrant shoots bring a fresh pea taste to your dishes, but they also come loaded with a high protein content, making them a perfect addition for anyone looking to boost their protein intake naturally. Grown with a dedication to eco-friendly practices, our pea shoots are as nurturing to the planet as they are to your body.

Why You’ll Love Our High-Protein Tendril Pea Shoots:

Protein Power: These shoots are an excellent source of plant-based protein, supporting muscle health and overall body strength.

Vitamin Rich: Loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, they bolster your immune system, improve your vision, and help keep your bones healthy.

Fiber and Folate: Essential for heart and digestive health, the fiber and folate in pea shoots are key to maintaining a balanced diet.

Natural Antioxidants: Combat body stress and keep inflammation in check with the built-in antioxidant benefits of pea shoots.

How to use Pea Shoots: 

Tendril pea shoots microgreens are sweet, tender greens with a flavor reminiscent of fresh peas. They’re fantastic for adding a fresh twist to your dishes. Stir them into pastas for a spring-like freshness, layer on top of flatbreads for a sweet crunch, or simply use them as a beautiful, edible garnish on your favorite soups and salads. 

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By Leafy Luxuries Microgreens